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Wax Melts - Spring & Summer Collection (2022)

Wax Melts - Spring & Summer Collection (2022)

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This is our Spring & Summer Collection from 2022.  At this time these items are no longer being produced.


Want our wonderful fragrances with out the candle? Try one of our 4 oz wax melts. Recommend 1 cube for small rooms, 2 for larger rooms. (Warmer is not included)

Pineapple Hibiscus-Ripe, juicy pineapple paired with fragrant tropical hibiscus will relax your mind and renew your spirit.

Sea Salt Orchid- A smooth and elegant blend of soft floral notes with salty highlights. Calming notes of jasmine, lily of the valley, tonka bean, and sea salt complete this soothing aroma.

Bamboo Coconut- A luxurious marriage of fresh bamboo and smooth coconut with hints of green floral and pineapple.

Magnolia Oak- Green floral top notes, middle and base notes of wood will transport you to a shaded path on a sunny day.

Strawberry Shortcake- A luscious blend of summer-sweet berries paired with buttery sponge cake and fresh, rich whipped cream. Inspired by Bath & Body Works.

Fresh Lilac- A vibrant and floral blend of fresh cut lilacs combined with refreshing morning dew. Inspired by White Barn.

Lavender Vanilla- The comforting fragrance of lavender intertwines with sweet vanilla, citrus, and soothing musk. Inspired by Bath & Body Works.

Skinny Dipping- Let loose in the tropics, surrounded by succulent mangos intertwining with milky coconut and sweet spices. Inspired by Bath & Body Works.

Coastal Melon- An invigorating combination of watermelon lemonade and ocean breezes. 

Oak & Amber- An oriental blend of light fruit, exotic florals on a base of amber, moss and warm patchouli.

Roses & Ivy- Soft rose petals, ivy, and musk notes come together in refreshing, clean harmony. Inspired by White Barn.